Joseph Miller

Children's book author and all-around misadventurer!

About Me

Here are a few fun facts about myself:

Profession: Cool-as-a-cucumber librarian with a side order of zesty writer. 

Goal: To become a zesty writer with a side order of librarian. 

Motivation: I love writing and want to make a living at it… or at least pay for the occasional chicken-and-bacon pizza with it. 

Conflict: I like to goof off, play games, watch TV, and surf the net, which generally equals no writing done.

My Not-so-Sordid Past: I was an award winning writer for the Dungeons and Dragons game system… you might still find some of these books in a bargain bin somewhere. 

What Do I Like to Write?: I'm an all-over-the-place writer. I love writing picture books, chapter books, middle grade, and young adult... whatever strikes my fancy. I have a soft spot for fantasy and humor, but can be (relatively) serious, too.

Closing Thoughts: I look forward to getting to know you all, grow as a writer with everyone, and share much good news and fun times with this group. And if we hit a few rough patches along the way, then just remember, success in life and writing is about stick-to-it-tiveness. Or in words borrowed from Galaxy Quest: 

"Never give up! Never Surrender!"
Where Can You Find Me?: I live in Michigan, but you'll most likely find me online at one of these spots:

My Professional Blog containing my off-the-wall, outside-the-box, tongue-in-cheek, (and heavily-hyphenated) thoughts on writing, children's literature, and life.

My Spiritual Reflection Blog containing my thoughts on the daily readings of the Catholic Church.

Goodreads see what I'm reading!